We play an active role in the economic and sustainable development of some of the most remote, off-grid communities worldwide — advancing sustainable energy for all. Through our Access to Energy program, we develop technologies that help close energy gaps, including solutions for rural electrification and domestic solutions for energy-related needs.

A blueprint for a
brighter tomorrow

In addition to improving business-oriented sustainability, EcoStruxure is helping to solve the energy paradox as well with innovative, corporate social responsibility solutions that close the energy gap. For example, Schneider Electric has partnered with Microsoft to bring reliable power to over 200 schools and healthcare clinics throughout Nigeria.

By electrifying schools and medical clinics with clean, reliable, solar power, Microsoft and Schneider Electric are empowering life-changing solutions worldwide — and enlightening the future for millions. African Energy brought on highly trained local Nigerian partners to lead this project with the Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) throughout 170 sites. The solution was carried out in two phases.

In phase one, African Energy supplied all products directly, while phase two was run through a bidding process directed by Crown Agents for DFID. Schneider Electric’s Conext family of solar and battery-based inverter/charger system with Conext Insight online monitoring was selected as the most reliable technology for this initiative.

A blueprint for a <br> brighter tomorrow

Discover how Schneider Electric and Microsoft are changing lives by providing electricity — and its concomitant opportunities — throughout Nigeria.

Transforming remote communities

Our solutions for remote communities enable access to safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy. Products for homes, micro-businesses, and rural agriculture, for example, provide access to electricity for leisure, commercial, and farming activities.

Transforming remote communities