Smarter, more precise operations are the future for every industry. Customers are looking for answers on how to best take advantage of today’s IoT-enabled digital world to be as differentiated, efficient, and sustainable as possible. If you don’t have a ‘sense and respond’ model with listening, scalable, measurable, agile networks and systems, you won’t be able to connect and extract that value.

Vernon Turner

Vernon Turner

Senior Vice President
Enterprise Systems, IDC

Business-driven sustainability

At Schneider Electric, we innovate for the sake of our customers, our partners, and our planet. EcoStruxureTM: Innovation At Every Level redefines energy management and automation for customer outcomes. At the same time, it addresses the energy dilemma for a more sustainable planet, ensuring Life is On for everyone, everywhere, and at every moment.

The four key markets Schneider serves consume 70 percent of the world’s energy. We are in a hopeful position, because we have an opportunity to make a measurable difference in curbing energy consumption and driving sustainability worldwide.

EcoStruxure improves energy and operational efficiency across our primary markets. Our connected, smart, and interoperable IoT architecture and platform automatically can measure, monitor, and control energy consumption and demands. When we combine automation and energy with software and analytics, customers get an unprecedented level of efficiency and operational intelligence to make better, more predictive decisions in real time.

Solutions at a glance

EcoStruxure enables Schneider Electric, our partners,
and end-users to develop scalable and converged Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT/OT) solutions. We leverage connectivity and data to create controls and actionable insights across our key markets.

Enhanced value

Leveraging EcoStruxure: Innovation At Every Level, our goal is to empower customers to:

Maximize energy efficiency and sustainability through smarter systems and real-time, data-driven decisions.

Optimize asset availability and performance through predictive analytics and proactive maintenance.

Enable smart, productive, and profitable operations through the reduction of waste and downtime.

Leverage mobile insights and proactive risk-mitigation through simulation, situational awareness, and digitization.

Benefit from open innovation and interoperability through development and partnerships with leading standards organizations and best-in-class technology leaders.

Enhanced value