In a connected world, it is now more important than ever to protect critical information and data. Today’s data centers need to be reliable, efficient, and scalable, while keeping data secure. Operators must be able to monitor and control the entire physical infrastructure to drive business performance. Innovation At Every Level
is transforming data centers.

A digital telco

Spain’s Telefónica started as a telephone company and has extended its business to become a digital telecommunications leader. In the face of escalating demand from customers, Telefónica decided to construct a new data center just outside Madrid. Its goals? Increase data center capacity; create a flexible, scalable system; and improve cost-effectiveness by consolidating several smaller data centers from around the world under one roof.

The result is a cutting-edge facility with profound capability and an eye toward meeting new standards on efficiency and sustainability with minimal environmental impact. The company has achieved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3 – 1.4.

A digital telco <br> journey

Watch how Telefónica has created a data center that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs, while improving energy efficiency.

We chose Schneider Electric as a partner given their reliability and experience, well-established service, and system monitoring tools. Our goal is to have zero shutdowns.

Fran Muña

Fran Muña

Director of Critical Infrastructure
Telefónica Data Center

The backbone of
our IoT economy

The IoT economy is backed by data centers of all sizes, including colocation facilities. Today we can embed intelligence into connected data center devices so they can produce the real-time operational insights a data center needs to be reliable, efficient, and scalable. From there, data centers gain meaningful data-driven insights in real time.

The backbone of <br> our IoT economy