Our company values

Our customers see Schneider Electric through our people, so we strive to create the right environment for our employees to help them deliver the best of the company. And we achieve this through our strong, distinctive values.

Hear directly from employees what Schneider Electric means to them.

Employer Value Proposition

Our Employer Value Proposition (EVP) continues to evolve in step with the business as a whole. Making the emotional connection as to “Why Schneider Electric?” is fundamental to our ability to attract the best talent, be an “employer of choice,” and make that feel authentic with employees as a form of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. Our EVP, “Great people make Schneider Electric a great company,” comprises eight attributes of what a career and ongoing career development with Schneider Electric mean.

Employer Value Proposition

OneVoice, every voice

Every employee voice matters. Twice a year, Schneider Electric’s OneVoice satisfaction survey measures employee engagement, which is an internationally recognized indicator of a company’s employee satisfaction rating. We leverage an independent vendor to perform and manage this survey.

OneVoice, every voice

Our heritage and our future

At Schneider Electric, diversity is an integral part of our history, culture, and identity. Inclusion is the way we treat and perceive all differences. We believe strongly that our company’s success and future depend on our diverse and inclusive workplace.

Supporting unique values

We promote respect for others’ unique values by providing an appropriate environment and resources, such as support communities and diversity awareness training. Diversity and Inclusion ambassadors in our major countries deploy and support the company’s policy across the globe. Schneider Electric is proud to:

Reflect worldwide and diverse marketplaces

Boost innovation with diversified teams

Leverage the value of the company’s diverse character and multiple facets

HeForShe mobilization

Schneider Electric participates in the U.N.’s HeForShe solidarity movement for gender equality. The campaign engages men and boys as advocates and agents of change for the achievement of gender equality and women’s rights. Hear Chairman and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire’s personal “click moment,” the realization that influenced his decision to sign up as one of HeForShe’s representative corporate leaders.

HeForShe is a solidarity movement to promote gender equality initiated by U.N. Women. The purpose of HeForShe is to encourage men to support change in favor of women’s rights and diversity. This campaign was launched internally, and, as of February 14, 2017, 34,474 employees have joined the movement.

Women Advisory Board

In 2016, we launched the Women Advisory Board to collect the pulse of the company on gender diversity and provide feedback on how actions are perceived. The Board also explores good practices using external benchmarks, proposing initiatives to develop a culture of inclusion and achieve breakthrough results.

Schneider Electric Singapore office had a fantastic Lunch and Learn session with five members of Schneider Women Advisory Board (WAB) visiting Singapore.

Measuring pay equity

As part of our continued focus on gender balance, Schneider Electric introduced a gender pay equity indicator. It measures the percentage of employees who work in countries where there is an operating gender pay equity plan and where corrective actions are in place. We use a common global standard methodology to identify gender pay gaps within comparable groups of employees and a country-driven approach to address gaps with appropriate corrective actions.

Measuring pay equity

An essential balancing act

We don’t just talk about well-being; we make it happen.
In 2016, we deployed a well-being training program for employees, with face-to-face training completed for more than 1,500 top leaders and 500 well-being champions. More than 6,000 employees participated in global online training sessions.

In 2016, we hosted the Well-Being Lab competition, earmarking 50 labs from 13 countries on four continents to inspire others to live the transformation. The teams show the most varied and creative form of caring about self and others. Well-Being Labs encourage and empower employees.

Diana Bacanu

Diana Bacanu

Global Well-Being Leader
Global Human Resources
Schneider Electric

Living the transformation

Schneider Electric held a Well-being Week to raise awareness about the importance of the program through various global and local events and activities (e.g., learning, healthy food, yoga, meditation, etc.). During this week, Schneider launched a Well-Being Lab initiative to encourage teams of people to experiment, implement, and share actions to take care of their well-being. More than 500 Well-Being Labs were registered in 43 countries. Labs encourage employees to take action across all four dimensions of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and social.

A welcoming place to learn

A Schneider Electric plant in Mexico City has set up a dedicated “Learning Corner” where employees can take online training courses, including classes to finish their high school degrees. The welcoming area features 12 desktops with internet access, a flat screen for TED Talks and corporate videos, three comfortable couches, and log-in access to a high school program and Schneider’s My Learning Link.

Achieving balance

The “Balance Ball” Lab in Japan is recognized in the “Small team, Big  ideas” category. Lab members experiment with sitting at their desks on balance balls for extended periods to improve physical and mental well-being.

We think training is essential for the development of everyone. I think so far we have been falling behind in giving more tools to hourly employees to access this training and make them real owners of their development. Spaces designed and dedicated to this will certainly help to boost people’s development and well-being.

Salvador Hernandez

Salvador Hernandez

Plant Manager, Mexico
Schneider Electric

Learning culture

Learning is a strong part of the Step Up initiative. It fosters growth and innovation, and is a differentiator of Schneider Electric culture. We proudly supports an environment in which employees take the initiative to learn, grow their skills, and drive their career development.

We are a company where we learn to innovate and renew ourselves to remain agile in a fast-evolving world.

Aurelie Richard

Aurelie Richard

People Strategy Leader & Step Up Program Manager
Schneider Electric

Worldwide Learning Week

October 3 – 7 marked our third annual Learning Week. The three main objectives were to:

Foster a culture of self-development: “I learn and I enjoy”

Share knowledge, skills, and expertise with colleagues

Reach one-day training per employee each year

Many activities were organized, such as webinars and workshops on key subjects, collective e-learning, market place, roundtables with leaders, training courses, and employee initiatives.