Schneider Electric’s innovations are founded on safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity. Those are really the key values we want to provide to our customers. When we look at our digital strategy, the Internet of Things — combined with the convergence of IT and OT technologies — is really the foundation of this digital strategy.

Cyril Perducat

Cyril Perducat

Executive Vice President IoT & Digital Transformation
Schneider Electric

The promise of innovation

Empowered by more than 8,000 Research & Development engineers worldwide, Schneider Electric drives Innovation At Every Level to create value and measurable outcomes for our customers by:

Redefining power and automation for a new world of energy

Developing connected, efficient, and sustainable products and solutions that help customers thrive in the face of today’s megatrends: industrialization, urbanization, and digitization

Innovation At Every Level

At Schneider Electric, we’re uniquely positioned to meet the demand for more efficient and connected energy enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). We bring together energy management, automation, and software to make it possible for our customers to compete in today’s digital economy with one, interoperable IoT architecture.

A closer look at EcoStruxure

Our next generation of active energy management and automation architecture, EcoStruxure™:

Delivers IoT-enabled solutions that seamlessly connect, collect, analyze, and act on data in real time

Facilitates enhanced safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability

Leverages Schneider Electric Innovation At Every Level across our connected products; edge control; and apps, analytics & services

A closer look at EcoStruxure

Hilton® Garden Inn, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, has integrated its building management system, guest-room management system, and property management system to drive operational and energy efficiency goals and customer satisfaction.

An interoperable IoT architecture and platform

Our approach improves energy and operational efficiency by tapping the true business value of IoT advancements. We’ve made mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cyber security technologies meaningful to customers, helping them meet heightened demands for safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Creating customer value

Over the years, we have developed advanced solutions and expertise across a variety of market segments — from Oil & Gas to Utility; Healthcare to Food & Beverage; Water & Wastewater to Mining, Minerals, & Metals; and Cloud & Colocation providers to data centers. We serve the top customers globally in all of our key segments.

Creating customer value

Up to speed

Internap®, based in Atlanta, Georgia (US), provides colocation and other data center services to a broad array of clients, from online advertising services to online gaming companies. Today, its clients are looking for edge computing capability for lower latency, scalable availability, and ways to quickly ramp up operations and create a dedicated data center infrastructure.

Internap often is expected to create and implement these solutions in just 8 to 10 weeks. It goes without saying that Internap needed a partner that could provide the highest-quality products, ensure reliability, and offer support and expertise throughout the product life cycle — all within a rapid-deployment timeframe.

Our modular Symmetra™ UPS systems provide protection and rapid scalability. Repeatability of design ensures smooth, reliable integration into state-of-the-art data center setups. With these solutions in place, Internap’s clients can assure their customers they will enjoy the best experience, whether it’s lag-free online gaming or speedy delivery of digital advertising.

Discover how Internap leverages EcoStruxure meet the needs of its various customers.

Research & development

At Schneider Electric, we don’t take an “If we build it, they will come” approach to Research & Development (R&D). Instead, our experts are close to customers around the world, enabling them to take into account customer needs, local specifications, and preferences.
This approach enables us to help our customers
thrive in today’s digital world.

Listening to our customers

By proactively gaining customer insights across our end markets and geographies, we have improved our R&D footprint and competencies. Our R&D efforts meet the needs of the digital world. We’re applying concepts from software R&D to our product and solutions R&D for greater speed and agility.

Specifically, we initially build a minimal viable product and test it with customers in key markets. Then we develop future versions by doing software upgrades in the field; these upgrades are based on extensive customer feedback and intimacy. This approach ensures that our innovation has meaningful, concrete impact for customers, enhancing the value of connectivity, safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

We take into account customer pain points and challenges to deliver products and solutions that best meet these needs quickly and flexibly.

Collaborative, open innovation

Through open innovation, we partner with a research ecosystem of startups, universities, partners, suppliers, and even customers. Every project starts with the question, “Is there any startup anywhere in the world that has developed a related product or technology, and will we be able to partner with that startup to bring our solutions faster to market for our customers?” With this collaborative approach, we gain speed and agility. It also provides a broader, expansive innovation playing field that delivers the capabilities our customers need.

The Aster Capital

We invest in innovative startups through the Aster Capital Fund, a leading venture capital firm that specializes in the energy, mobility, and environment fields. This venture capital activity focuses on attractive innovation locations (i.e., Europe, North America, China, and Israel) and has supported over 40 early-stage companies since its inception.

In 2016, as part of Schneider Open Innovation worldwide strategy, Aster notably was involved in the set-up of a Chinese investment structure dedicated to early and later stages disruptive companies within the building, residential and/or industry areas. A dedicated team close to Schneider Electric will manage this RMB fund locally.