Companies that have technologies to produce or facilitate the use of renewable energy, capture carbon, or dramatically improve energy efficiency can look forward to a period in which governments around the world make a concerted, collective effort to encourage their adoption. Suppliers in this sector see this as a virtuous circle, with governments providing incentives and stable policies to help accelerate innovation and encourage adoption.

Andy Lawrence, Research Vice President
and Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director

451 Research “Paris climate accord: A boost to micro-grid, analytics, IoT
and energy-efficiency players?” December 17, 2015

The technologies behind our COP21 commitments

The Global Solutions organization brings together the best of Schneider Electric in order to address our customers’ most pressing business challenges. We achieve this goal by transforming the way we engage and deliver value across the enterprise, building long-lasting relationships with customers in targeted segments, and by leveraging decades of expertise and a strong global footprint.

Daniel Doimo
Daniel Doimo

Executive Vice President, Global Solutions
Schneider Electric

Building on Schneider Electric’s long experience in sustainability goals, thanks to the Planet & Society barometer, we are leveraging the company’s technologies and solutions to achieve our COP21 commitments by 2030. We want to build an ecosystem that helps customers reduce their own energy consumption by 30 percent through active energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. We also want to offer products and solutions that provide clean and affordable energy to communities at the base of the energy pyramid and those living in fuel poverty.

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Schneider Electric’s COP21 commitments will guide these efforts, especially our promises to quantify CO2 impact for 100 percent of new large customer projects and to design 100 percent of new offers with Schneider Electric ecoDesign Way solutions. This initiative is a set of tools, processes, best practices, and assessment mechanisms meant to improve the environmental profile of new products and evolutions of products in our R&D pipeline.


Leveraging our deep understanding of customers, we tailor solutions that combine:

open architectures

connected products

industrial software

cloud-based services on our Internet of Things platform

The end result is clear. Our customers not only increase efficiency and sustainability; they also boost the productivity, safety, and reliability of their operations. Together with our customers, we can minimize carbon impacts and curb climate change, ensuring sustainable energy for all.

The 2015 – 2017
Planet & Society barometer

Our Planet & Society barometer provides a measured and visible scorecard of company-wide commitments to meeting sustainable development challenges. It guides our sustainability reporting. We track company sustainability objectives along three pillars: planet, profit, and people. Through CO2 impact awareness to energy management and sustainability services, we are working toward the following target by the end of 2017.

Climate & Poverty Indicators


(target by 2017) of new large projects with CO2 impact quantification for customers

Solutions at a glance

We are living in a very exciting time where new technologies enable us to completely rethink the way we deal with energy in a far more sustainable and efficient manner.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire
Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Chairman & CEO
Schneider Electric

As the global specialist in energy management and automation, we create connected technologies that reshape industries, transform cities, and enrich lives to ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

homes solutions - Schneider Electric


From grid to living space, we ensure peace of mind, comfort, and sustainability. We keep people safe, secure, and in control of their environment and energy through intuitive, adaptive technologies for energy-efficient homes.

Buildings - Schneider Electric


From grid to floor space, we ensure safety, comfort, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Our solutions include world-class building and energy management systems, security controls, energy and carbon dashboards, and building analytics.

Cities - Schneider Electric


From downtown to suburb, we deliver urban efficiency today. To us, a smart city is an urban center where infrastructure management and energy efficiency go hand in hand.

Utilities - Schneider Electric

Electrical utilities & renewables

From source to load, we make the grid easy, efficient, and reliable. Together with our partners, we enable smarter utilities, the integration of distributed renewable energies, and increased energy efficiency through smart metering and devices.

Industry - Schneider Electric


From process automation to machines, we make industry smart, safe, efficient, and productive. No matter the approach to production or industrial segment, we see the promise of a bright industrial future.

Data Centers - Schneider Electric

Data centers

From rack to cyberspace, we optimize performance, speed, and cost. We build highly available and energy-efficient data centers that service the growing IT needs of all types of companies.

Communities - Schneider Electric

Remote communities

From off-grid to fuel-poor communities, we create innovative solutions to address the energy paradox. We balance our planet’s carbon footprint while upholding the indisputable human right of everyone to energy access.

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