Sustainability is the core of our strategy. The endgame of any company in any industry has to be sustainability. It’s a strong value to us, the employees of Schneider Electric, our shareholders, and our customers. We help our customers make their data centers, buildings, homes, manufacturing processes, and the grid more efficient over time.

Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Executive Vice President, Strategy
Schneider Electric

Leveraging energy efficiency potential

Our planet is facing an unprecedented energy challenge. Assuming that all recently introduced energy efficiency policies are implemented with full success, global primary energy demand is still expected to increase 33% by 2040.1

This demand would have a dramatic impact on energy costs, energy security, competition for resources, access to energy for the poorest populations, economic growth, and — of course — climate change.

Global megatrends

Urbanization, industrialization, and digitization continue to shape our lives as new economies are built and established economies are transformed. These megatrends are escalating energy demand, while nearly 2.3 billion people either don’t have access to electricity at all or don’t have reliable access to electricity. We are committed to solving this energy paradox.

A world of opportunities

The three megatrends are creating many new opportunities for Schneider Electric, our customers, and our partners as energy becomes more electric, more digitized, more decarbonized, and more decentralized. From the growing needs of automation and connectivity to the massive entitlement of energy efficiency that requires an optimized use of resources, opportunities abound.

Thriving in the digital economy

Our EcoStruxureTM architecture and technology platform help customers leverage opportunities in the new energy world. It opens up the Internet of Things to users across key end markets, enabling them to be competitive in today’s digital economy.

As the global specialist in energy management and automation, we have a unique set of energy and efficiency technologies, strategically positioned on the demand side of the energy landscape. From connected products to digital services, EcoStruxure improves energy and operational efficiency globally through complementary business models and across end-markets.

Thriving in the digital economy

Helping customers succeed in the new energy world

Across the key markets we serve, EcoStruxure provides enhanced value to customers by making energy:

Safe: protecting people and assets

Reliable: guaranteeing ultra-secure, ultra-pure, and uninterrupted power — especially for critical applications

Efficient: delivering solutions adapted to the specific needs of each market that simplify the customers’ life and improve their efficiency and productivity

Sustainable: helping customers build a sustainable future by using less of their resources and minimizing the impact on the environment

Connected: leveraging new opportunities with the convergence of OT and IT


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