A healthier planet

Smart energy solutions can help fight climate change. Solving the energy challenge lies at the heart of Schneider Electric’s strategy. It is our signature to contribute to a better, more sustainable, and more connected world.

Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Executive Vice President, Strategy
Schneider Electric

Our planet is facing an unprecedented energy challenge. Assuming that all recently introduced energy efficiency policies are implemented with full success, global primary energy demand is still expected to increase 32 percent by 2040.1

This demand would have a dramatic impact on energy costs and energy security, competition for resources, access to energy for the poorest populations, economic growth — and of course climate change.

Energy demand in perspective

To meet expected demand, the increase in energy-related greenhouse gas emissions would be 16 percent — whereas it actually would have to decrease by 41 percent for the world to achieve the environmental targets outlined at COP21.2 Without question, the energy mix needs to change, with the share of renewable energies increasing.

We can solve this challenge. Doing so lies at the core of Schneider Electric’s business strategy.

We’re boosting energy efficiency in developed economies throughout all market segments. We’re expanding our local coverage in new economies with dedicated offers. And we’re leveraging the strength of our brands, our competitive local supply chain, and the development of local marketing and R&D capabilities to respond to today’s energy challenges.

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Our customers — companies, citizens, governments — all want to reduce their costs and environmental impact while constantly improving the reliability, safety, and performance of their homes, buildings, sites, and equipment.


In order to ensure that energy efficiency targets are achieved and that the energy mix moves to more renewables, Schneider Electric provides an innovative and competitive portfolio of products, systems, services, and software to help our customers.


This committed ecosystem will drive us toward a more efficient and sustainable world: better homes and buildings; better cities and industries; and, most importantly, a healthier planet.

Our strategic pillars

Schneider Electric is responding to today’s megatrends in six strategic ways:

Energy efficiency everywhere

We strive to answer the world’s new energy challenges by boosting energy efficiency everywhere: in our homes, buildings and cities, industry, the grid, and throughout remote communities.

Improved productivity and precision

We serve the increasing need for automation as a proven way to help customers thrive. Customers have asked for improved productivity, precision, and efficiency. We’re answering those needs.

Digital transformation of customers

We pledge to support the digital transformation of customers and partners through continuous innovations in converged technologies to increase productivity, facilitate new business models, and make life easier all around.

Expanded presence in new economies

We are expanding our presence in new economies to leverage opportunities to respond to ever-growing energy, infrastructure, and industrialization needs through dedicated offers.

Creating new opportunites

We continue to advance both product and solution business models to create new opportunities for customers, distributors, and direct partners as we work together to improve efficiency everywhere.

Responsible, sustainable growth

We care about profit but only within the hand-in-hand context of responsible, sustainable growth that nurtures concrete efficiency improvements based on our trusted research and development.


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